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Ms. Jeanette Hill, better known as Janet Janae, was born in Arkansas in 1971.

Through her years of education, she developed a love for songwriting, yet her passion was singing. Her entire family has a musical background, so that’s where it all started. She watched her mom and older sisters sing in the choir when she was a little girl, which influenced her to sing. Singing for talent shows in parks, schools, and choirs back in Memphis Tennessee became the norm. She and her sisters organized a group and sang together in those talent shows.

When she was about 15 years old someone heard her singing by the ladies’ room of a restaurant; that someone was Teddy Jones, famous Bluegrass singer, who complimented her on her voice and said he liked her style. After having her second child in the early twenties, she made a decision to work on her music career. This was the pivotal moment of her life that led her into the music industry. She began singing in Chicago with various artists by her late twenties. She was a background singer for Debra Jackson, Ms. Penny Jones, Robert G, Janet Faye, Rob Diggie, and Wild Boys Nutz. These were all wonderful artists that gave her a phenomenal experience and soon she began working on her music career as a solo artist and loving every aspect of it.



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